About Us

We are the premier provider of automated software solutions measuring Patient Satisfaction through online and phone surveys. Based on your goals, who will be surveyed, how they will be surveyed, and what questions are going to be asked, we will come up with surveys providing your organization insight into the minds of your patients.

No need to learn complex Information Technology terminology. All surveys are hosted by us providing you with simple web interface through which you will monitor patient satisfaction by question.

Few Good Questions

Few good questions to ask each patient. Get their feedback and resolve their concerns before they start sharing them with others. Make the patient feel important, make them understand you care about their feedback.

30 Seconds

It takes 30 seconds per patient to get the insight that may save your name. Majority of patient complaints are related to how the practice is managed rather than treatment received by the doctor. Dont let your office staff give your practice a bad name.

Great Insight

Make your office manager be accountable for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Few Good Questions, few Honest Responses giving you insight into your patient's experience. Get weekly / Monthly reports and share the results with your staff and make them understand how these KPIs impact the medical facility.

Clients utilizing our online, phone & paper based patient satisfaction surveys!

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