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Survey your Patients using our Online Survey Platform. Sample Surveys are provided to get you started quickly.

We have compiled 35 different medical survey samples to get you started quickly.

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Survey your Patients using our Phone Survey Platform. Our operators will call your patients to get feedback.

Much better response than paper surveys and a good option for patients without an Internet connection.

Your patients will appreciate a personal touch from our trained phone operators!

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Patient Satisfaction Survey

What is is a leading provider of Phone, Online and Paper based Patient Satisfaction Surveys across the globe focusing on Healthcare Providers.

Why Use Our Platform?

The number of hours you spend internally doing this cannot come close to how little our service cost you and how effective our Platform can be. Most of our clients reach out to us to minimize the overhead of collecting and compiling patient feedback data. We not only do this in a cost effective manner, we also guarantee your results will not be tampered with.

Who Can Use

Our products and services are being used across a number of different Healthcare Providers. Following is a brief list:

-   Offices of Physicians (different specialty)
-   Offices of Optometrists
-   Offices of Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists
-   Dental Clinics
-   Chiropractic Clinics
-   General Medical and Surgical Hospitals
-   Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Hospitals
-   Elderly and Persons with Disabilities Service Providers
-   Residential Mental Health and Substance Abuse Facilities
-   Rehabilitation Home Providers
-   Drug Trial Patient Feedback Providers
-   Clinical Trial Patient Feedback Providers
-   Child and Youth Service Providers
-   Home Health Care Service Providers
-   Medical Students
-   Healthcare Employees Job Satisfaction

Step 1 - Watch Sample Survey!

Please view below our sample patient survey for healthcare providers. The demo below simply introduces you to what your patients will step through while taking an online survey.

Step 2 - See Sample Survey Results!

Please click on the image below to see sample results in flash. This is provided to simply show you how you can monitor patient satisfaction month over month.

Click to see live flash charts

Step 3 - Start your Free Trial TODAY!

Please view below our prices for online surveys. You can get started today and be live within 24 hours. The entire process starts with filling out the contact us form and asking us to setup a free trial for your clinic / hospital. You will get your starter surveys and our sales team walking you through the entire process.

Feature List

FREE (No Credit Card Needed)

BASIC ($29/month)

PRO ($39/month)

Survey Creation Features      
Number of questions allowed 5 20 UNLIMITED
Number of surveys allowed 1 1 5
Sample survey library with sample questions by speciality Tick Tick Tick
Add / Edit questions Tick Tick
Add / Edit responses Tick Tick
Set dependencies for a question Tick Tick
Clear stored survey results Tick Tick
Redirect upon survey completion   Coming Soon Coming Soon
Reporting & Analysis Features      
Real-time results Tick Tick Tick
Filter results by dates (months) Tick Tick Tick
Filter results by specific questions Tick Tick Tick
Print report by specific questions Tick Tick Tick
Print report for all questions Tick Tick Tick
Export data Tick Tick
Survey Access & Security Features      
Hide a survey from patients Tick Tick
Make a survey's results public Tick Tick
Add new users (patient) Tick Tick
Allow only certain users (patients) to take a survey Tick Tick
Allow only certain users to view a survey's results Tick Tick
Allow certain users to edit a survey Tick Tick
Send users (patients) their log in information via email Tick Tick
Setup unique user id / password for each user Tick Tick
Setup to make this work from any kiosk Tick Tick
Customization Options      
Add my own company logo Coming Soon Coming Soon
Custom page design Coming Soon Coming Soon
Pricing & Training      
Recurring cost FREE (no credit card required) $29.95 per month $39.95 per month
Setup cost FREE (no credit card required) $99.95 $99.95
Number of patients who can take survey 25 total 1000 per month 5000 per month
Training for your staff INCLUDED INCLUDED

Clients utilizing our online, phone & paper based patient satisfaction surveys!

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